The Institute on Digital Archaeology Method & Practice

Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and organized by Michigan State University’s Department of Anthropology and MATRIX: The Center for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences, the Institute on Digital Archaeology Method & Practice will bring together archaeologists and closely associated scholars interested in developing critical, hands-on skills in digital method and practice.  Taking place on the campus of Michigan State University in 2015 (August 17-22) & 2016 (August 15-20), the institute will provide invited participants with training in key digital methods and challenge them to envision, build, and deploy a digital archaeological project over the course of the institute.

About the Institute

Taking place on the campus of Michigan State University in 2015 (August 17-22) & 2016 (August 15-20), the institute will provide invited participants with hands-on training in key digital archaeological methods.  The institute will also challenge invited attendees to envision, build, and launch a significant digital archaeological project by the end of the institute.


The institute will include lectures, hands-on workshops, discussion groups, and collaborative development sessions covering key digital archaeology tools, topics, and methods – all led by a group of highly respected faculty from both inside and outside of the archaeological community.


Emphasis will be placed on the highly collaborative nature of digital archaeological method & practice.  Attendees will work with each other on small-scale, rapid development projects throughout the institute. Attendees will also have the opportunity to collaborate with each another or external colleagues on their capstone project.


While participants will attend lectures, participate in hands-on workshops, and collaborate on small scale rapid development projects, the organizational focus is on a significant digital archaeology capstone project which attendees will be challenged to envision, design, develop, and launch during the institute.

Repository Progress

I delayed posting last week because I was really stalled, but I’ve since made a lot of progress. I’m a little antsy because I thought I’d have something to show by this point, but I’ve still got plenty to do and learn. Here’s where I am right now: I’m pretty much good with my repository attributes. I had a great video conference with Catherine and was thrilled to hear that my KORA scheme looks reasonable. I’m working with Ethan to secure some temporary domain space at MSU. While I eagerly await the KORA WordPress plugin, I’m taking the opportunity to dive into learning the basics of WP development for another project (prehistoric pottery in Virginia!). Since it looks like my agency is moving toward WP for our website, I’m going to hold off on getting to in the weeds on learning PHP for now (unless the mood really strikes me, which is possible). I still need to get a handle on copyright, fair use, public domain, etc. To Do: Keep ingesting records into KORA Get better at coding in WordPress Wireframe sites for researcher query and general public Schedule a chat with Eric and Dan to make sure the linked open data piece of the puzzle is in place. After I’ve got something in place on the front end, I’ll very likely continue to tweak the scheme attributes in KORA. I’m thinking about managing our digital archives and also designing things to allow end users to get the most out of the site, easily. I’m trying to be pragmatic in deciding where to focus my energies at this point, since...
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