This month I’ve made the final selections for the seventeen artifacts that will be featured in the virtual museum when it launches. The artifacts include four socketed bone points, two elements of composite fish hooks, three fish gorges, a leister prong, a sawfish tooth hafted point, a drilled and hafted shark tooth, two bone beamers, a drilled turtle shell, a possible wooden pole, and a wooden shaft from inside a socketed bone point.  There will be photographs and information about the other artifacts recovered at the site, but the seventeen listed above will have individual text content and multimedia.  I’ve drafted the text to accompany all these artifacts and drafted the contextual information about the site, the archaeological collection, and the methods used to study the site and artifacts.  I’ve spent a lot of time trying to tell a story with the objects, rather than providing dry facts about the tools.  It’s been a fun challenge to break the information up into small segments while remaining informative and cohesive.

I spoke to several members of the NPS web team last week and my proposal is moving forward to be presented to the web editorial board.  The NPS web team has been very helpful and supportive.  I’ve received some good feedback from them and from some co-workers.  I’ll brush up on some training while I’m waiting to hear about my proposal (which should be discussed at the meeting later this week).  I’m really looking forward to getting to work on the actual website!  I know it’s going to be a major push to have it ready for the Institute.  I’m hoping that all the work I’ve done on the front end for the content and organization will pay off when I’m building the site.