Diving Deeper in the Underwater Maya Project

Although I have a web site and have a draft web page created using html, css, and bootstrap on Notepad++, I wonder periodically how I will be able to “launch” the web page on my web site. I am continuing to tweak the web page on Notepad++ and will continue to learn and improve my programming abilities to enhance the page.

I have been posting images here and there on the web so that I can reference them on my prototype web page. LSU promises to have a digital repository in the fall, which I hope will be useful for expansion of my prototype web page. Although I have been using Adobe360 (and other platforms) to share my 3D scans of artifacts, I plan to post them on Sketchfab for my MSU Digital Archaeology project. I have an account on Sketchfab and see that the British Museum has found it useful, so it should work for me.

I will be in Belize for lab research and will not have reliable internet until late June when I go to the government-sponsored Belize Archaeology symposium.

In the next few weeks while I am off the grid at my jungle field camp in Belize doing artifact analysis, 3D scanning, and Portable XRF assaying of artifacts with a couple of my hardy graduate students, I also plan to work “off-line” on digitizing in QGIS. I have downloaded some tutorials so hope to make progress. It’s not essential that I have excavation data for the MSU digital prototype since I have lots of survey data, but this provides me a nice opportunity, since I do want to move from Geomedia to QGIS. I continue to be very happy that QGIS likes UTM data since I have a ton of UTM data from 10 years of underwater archaeology at the Paynes Creek Salt Works. Although I figured out how to bulk convert UTM to longitude-latitude data, I like being able to just use my excel files that I link to Geomedia. Now I can link them to QGIS.

I have been spending a lot of time organizing, finding, and cleaning digital data. I have grad students who also have been working on data organization.

I will be presenting the results of my 2015 field research “Diving Deeper: Excavating Underwater Shell Middens at Deep Water Salt Works” at the Belize Archaeology Symposium in late June (and have my PowerPoint done!), so will send my next update then (or possibly sooner if I am able to get on the Internet from the jungle).