Shawn Graham has said multiple times that his approach to digital projects can be characterized as “failing in public”. This is me failing.

This project has its roots in my dissertation, in which I standardized information from multiple sites in order to analyze ceramic variation across sites. Standardization and validation of data in a database? Check.

For MSUDAI one of the things that I needed to do was to develop a website that will explain the project and give individuals access to the data. Ethan and others challenged me to not simply rely upon something like WordPress to create a website. So I went down the path of self-hosting and building a website using the Bootstrap framework. I made a site, it’s reasonably pretty, and I’m getting some background information up there about Valdivia generally and about this project specifically. Website interface? Check.

So where does the fail come in? The part in between. The structure and language or program that I need to connect the two pieces. People have suggested Kora, OpenContext, and GeoJSON, but I’m not sure how to implement any of those (despite reading documentation), or how to integrate them into the Bootstrap framework or where it’s hosted on GitHub.



So, this is me, failing in public, for a few months in a row. Hopefully next month will have something more positive to report.