This is my final post for the Institute. I take this opportunity to thank Ethan and Lynne for the chance to participate in the Institute. I am grateful to the faculty and participants for their ideas and support. Collectively, the Institute has been incredibly encouraging and I am thrilled to know experts to whom I can turn to as I further develop my public digital project.

Here I officially introduce MINA | Map Indian Archaeology. MINA is a Web-based platform of archaeological investigations in post-colonial India. It begins to address three key issues in the practice of archaeology:

1) the development of digital methods and practices;

2) the promotion of digital methods and practices through engagement with archaeologists already working in India, and between them and specialists in digital methods who are interested in Indian archaeology;

3) the creation of digital archaeological data that can be further processed, analyzed and interpreted by specialists

While MINA is primarily developed for scholarly research, its broader aims are to encourage both scholarly and public interest in Indian archaeology. To that end, MINA can be reached on a range of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and WordPress. For those interested in collaboration or in further developing MINA, all the code and data are available on Github.

Time to build MINA!

Neha Gupta