There’s not a lot to report since my last post other than continued progress on scanning materials and working to conceptualize the organization of both the digital repository and our “Banda Through Time” project web site. We’ve acquired a domain name ( and arranged for hosting through the University of Victoria’s Online Academic Community. Veronique Plante, my graduate student assistant, and I have been consulting on WordPress templates and have narrowed down the choices. With spring term classes now over, I’m looking forward to having more time to devote to the project though my administrative obligations will continue to compete for attention.

As noted in my February post, I’ve been thinking increasingly about the data archiving issues that we discussed at last summer’s gathering. After participating in the February SAA online seminar in Advanced Archaeological Digital Data Management taught by folks from tDAR, I’ve been in touch with colleagues at the University of Ghana and will be meeting with them and with staff at the Ghana National Museum during a June trip to Ghana. My hope is that conversations there will jump-start consultations on principles and begin to chart a path for how researchers working in Ghana can collaborate to develop sustainable data archives that encompass both legacy and future collections. I’ll be presenting a paper on our work through the MSU Digital Archaeology Institute at the meetings of the Society of Africanist Archaeologists in Toulouse, France in June. My hope is to use this as a platform for networking with other Africanist archaeologists and encouraging others to join the conversation about how to ensure curation and expand access to digital data in African archaeology.