The easiest thing to do to manage a project like this is to create a project map. Have flow diagrams and show everything needed to accomplish a task, who is going to help with that task and a deadline. Of course I haven’t done this (not for the lack of good advice). But we do know all that needs to happen. So, after the panoscanning was completed, we decided to focus on pulling the data together and determining which artifacts would be used to render into 3-D and place on exhibition inside the virtual museum.

Unfortunately over six years of excavation we have changed how we store collected information and things have not be uniformly cataloged. So, on to the next task…verifying the artifact information, and ensuring there is a photograph and that they are included in a database that visitors to the virtual museum will be able to access and utilize. We have chosen Filemaker Pro to house the information that will eventually have links that will allow people to see what we found in each test unit and level and interpret the findings.

A group of us headed over to Catalina Island for the weekend to pull artifacts and reorganize. Besides myself, the group included PCIAP Co-Director Karimah Kennedy-Richardson, CSUN student Edgar Alvarez, CSUN grad student Austin Ringelstein, CSULA grad student Lindsay Jacoby, and grad student Jennifer Kraft.

2016-02-27 16.20.18

Cataloging artifacts from Eagles Nest Lodge.

By the end of our work weekend, we managed to go through over 700 artifacts, match or take photographs, use consistent terminology to identify the materials, and provide missing data. A screen shot of our work is provided below. The next steps are to finalize which objects will be rendered in 3D, continue to speak with people that worked and visited Eagles Nest Lodge during the years to understand how each room looked and functioned, recreate the rooms, embed objects, and access access to the data. There is plenty more that a nice diagram would help pull together as well. Perhaps that might be useful after all.

Screenshot 2016-03-06 13.32.30

Eagles Nest Lodge Artifact Catalog