This past month I worked on laying the bureaucratic groundwork to get the website started.  I consulted with other archaeologists and other National Park Service staff about what will be available on the website.  I also prepared a lot of documents outlining the content, navigation, purpose, audience, etc. for the website.  I just submitted my request for permission to build a new National Park Service website for the virtual museum.  When the website is approved (fingers crossed!), I will need to send in some more planning documents.  I’ve started on all the required documents but they will need to be revised and tweaked depending on the feedback for my proposal.

The documentation process has helped me to articulate my goals for the virtual museum and has made me think about how I will measure success for the website.  So far, I’ve focused a lot on generating content and how I will actually make the website.  It’s been  nice to shift into a longer-term focus and consider what will happen after the site goes live.  I came up with a prioritized schedule for making content go live.  This will let me get the essential content up first and then build additional content over time.

Next week I’ll be back in the field but during the rest of the next month I’ll work on my planning documents, content generation, and writing text.  Hopefully by my next post I’ll have good news to share about the website permissions.